9 January 2024

10 Cool Businesses Up for Grabs in October

By Ronald Smith

I’ve got some exciting news for you. I’ve discovered ten remarkable businesses that are currently up for sale this October. These unique opportunities might just pique your interest. So, without further ado, let me share the details with you.


The Book Nook

Are you a book lover? Well, guess what? There’s a charming little bookstore waiting for a new owner. Imagine spending your days surrounded by shelves filled with fascinating stories. It’s a bookworm’s paradise!


The Art Studio

Calling all creative souls! If you have a passion for art, this is your chance to turn that passion into a business venture. Take over this awesome art studio and unleash your artistic talents while inspiring others to do the same.


The Retro Diner

Craving some nostalgia? This retro diner will transport you back to the good ol’ days with its checkered floors, jukebox, and classic milkshake flavors. Owning this place means bringing smiles to people’s faces while serving up delicious comfort food.


The Pet Paradise

Are you an animal lover? This business opportunity might just be your dream come true. Imagine running a pet paradise, where furry friends can play, receive love and care, and even get pampered like royalty. It’s a whole lot of fun while providing a safe haven for our four-legged companions.


The Adventure Gear Store

If you’re into outdoor adventures, this one’s for you. Imagine owning a store filled with all the gear and equipment needed to explore the great outdoors. From hiking boots to camping gear, you’ll be helping people embark on unforgettable adventures.


The Homemade Bakery

Baking enthusiasts, listen up! Take over this cozy bakery and indulge your passion for creating mouthwatering treats. Imagine the intoxicating aroma of freshly baked bread and pastries filling the air as you serve up happiness with every bite.


The Thrift Shop Haven

Do you enjoy treasure hunting and discovering unique items? Here’s your chance to own a thrift shop brimming with hidden gems. From vintage clothes to stunning collectibles, you’ll cater to those looking for one-of-a-kind treasures.


The Wellness Retreat

In need of a break? Imagine owning a serene wellness retreat where people can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Help others relax, recharge, and find inner peace as you provide a haven for their physical and mental well-being.


The Games Hub

Game enthusiasts, unite! Transform your love for gaming into a thriving business by taking charge of this game hub. From old-school arcade games to the latest virtual reality experiences, you’ll create a space where gamers can gather and immerse themselves in the world of gaming.


The Eco-Friendly Store

Are you passionate about the environment? Own an eco-friendly store and promote sustainable living. From reusable products to earth-friendly alternatives, you’ll be a part of the solution to create a greener, cleaner world.

Well, there you have it – ten fantastic business opportunities up for grabs in October. Whether you’re a bookworm, an artist, a foodie, or an adventurer, there’s something for everyone. So, seize the moment and embark on a new and exciting chapter in your life. The world of business is waiting for you!

10 Cool Businesses Up for Grabs in October

If you’re into a specific area of interest, finding an already successful business in that field can be a bit tricky. But don’t worry, with enough searching, you’re bound to find one. In October, there are 10 fascinating businesses up for sale that you might just be interested in.

For the month of October, BizBuySell has a variety of options available, including a trading post that has been around since 1941, a dry cleaner, a commercial HVAC business, a hair salon, and much more.

Check out Ouellette’s Trading Post

10 Cool Businesses Up for Grabs in October

Let me tell you about Ouellette’s Trading Post, established way back in 1941. This place has just kept getting better and better to provide all the services you need in today’s world. From classic stuff like fishing rods and hunting licenses to being an authorized UPS Shipping Center, this trading post has got it all. You name it, they’ve got it – liquor, beer wine, a convenience store, a diner where you can sit inside and enjoy your meal, a gas station, even small engine parts and furs. And the list goes on!

We’re located in Van Buren, ME, and we’ve got an awesome deal for you – it can all be yours for just $200,000. Our business is going strong, with a total revenue of $213,456 and a cash flow of $165,000.

Dry Cleaners

10 Cool Businesses Up for Grabs in October

Let me tell you about this amazing Dry Cleaners I found. It’s in a fancy neighborhood and makes lots of money. They’ve been around for over 15 years and have a great team of experienced staff. The seller is even willing to help you out and provide training when you buy the business.

You’ll find this Dry Cleaners in San Diego County, CA. It’s up for sale at a price of $750,000. They bring in a total of $872,000 in revenue and have a cash flow of $225,000.

Now, let’s talk about something different – a Commercial HVAC Contractor.

10 Cool Businesses Up for Grabs in October

In 1989, I established a Commercial HVAC Contractor business that has been incredibly successful, bringing in millions of dollars in revenue and cash flow. Our main focus is on mechanical HVAC contracting, specifically following given blueprints. We take on a variety of projects, including interior renovations, hospitals, hotels, high-end restaurants, retail spaces, banks, and various other commercial ventures. In addition to that, we also collaborate as subcontractors with prime contractors.

If you decide to acquire this business, I am more than willing to stay on board for up to a year to provide support, training, and ensure a smooth transition.

Our business is located in New York, NY, and we are asking for a price of $6,500,000. Last year, our gross revenue reached $16,700,000, bringing in a cash flow of $1,100,000.

Exciting Playground and Arcade Business Opportunity

10 Cool Businesses Up for Grabs in October

Let me tell you about this awesome playground and arcade business for kids. It’s a place where you can have a blast and celebrate special occasions in a safe environment. It started back in 2019, and let me tell you, it has huge potential to grow with the right marketing.

You’ll find this business in San Joaquin County, CA, and it has an asking price of $1,100,000. Now, listen to this, the total revenue is $1,200,000, and they have a cash flow of $355,250. That’s pretty cool, right?

Now, let’s talk about something exciting – a hair salon!

10 Cool Businesses Up for Grabs in October

I’ve been running this awesome Hair Salon for over 12 years now, and let me tell you, we’re all about giving you the best hair experience ever! From hair coloring and styling to ethnic hair care and extensions, we’ve got you covered. We even offer a range of other hair and beauty services too!

Now, here’s the deal. I’ve realized that we have the potential to make even more magic happen. How, you ask? By tapping into the full capacity of our space and bringing on more talented stylists, we can totally double our revenue! Imagine all the fabulous hair transformations we can create together.

You’ll find us in the heart of San Tan Valley, AZ. And guess what? We’re looking for someone amazing like you to take over and continue the hairstyling legacy we’ve built. The asking price for this incredible opportunity is $258,000. With a gross revenue of $469,329 and a cash flow of $134,152, you’ll be walking into a thriving business ready to keep those tresses looking fabulous.

Revitalizing Automotive Interiors With Style

10 Cool Businesses Up for Grabs in October

I wanted to tell you about this really cool Automotive Interior Restoration Business. They offer their services to lots of different places, like car dealerships, auctions, rental car companies, restaurants, and even residential furniture. It’s a pretty unique business!

Right now, their website is actually the number one result when you search for anything related to this sort of business in their area. That’s pretty impressive! And the best part is, they’re always there to support you if you need any help.

The business is based in Columbus, OH, and it’s up for sale for $139,000. They’re bringing in a total of $210,000 in revenue, with a cash flow of $63,500.

A Florist That Keeps Growing Every Year

10 Cool Businesses Up for Grabs in October

In 2004, I started this Florist business, and it has been growing steadily ever since. We have a large database of 40,000 customers who trust us to provide beautiful flowers and other products. In addition to flowers, we also offer forever roses, wine, plush animals, and bath bombs. When you buy this business, you will receive $30k worth of inventory, three fully wrapped delivery vehicles, and two weeks of support and training to help you get started.

Our Florist is located in Davenport, FL, and we are asking for a price of $1,100,000. Our gross revenue is $896,514, and we have a cash flow of $306,724.

Introducing the Klappenberger Son Franchise

10 Cool Businesses Up for Grabs in October

Are you an entrepreneur searching for a well-established franchise? Look no further than the Klappenberger Son Franchise. With 33 years of experience in the industry, they provide a fantastic opportunity for newcomers.

When you join Klappenberger Son, you’ll receive extensive training for five weeks. But the support doesn’t stop there. They offer ongoing assistance, including a 24/7 call center, a team dedicated to setting appointments for you, and even bookkeeping services.

To become part of this exciting franchise, there are a few requirements. You’ll need to pay a minimum franchise fee of $47,000 and make a total investment ranging from $85,000 to $116,000. Additionally, you must have a net worth of $150,000.

A Unique Opportunity: Wholesale Food Manufacturer/Caterer with Real Estate

10 Cool Businesses Up for Grabs in October

I’m a wholesale food manufacturer and caterer. I provide delicious prepared food to all kinds of events, like weddings, parties, and big corporate gatherings. You can count on me to follow all the strict rules and regulations for food safety and quality set by the USDA and FDA.

When you buy my business, you’ll also get a big warehouse that’s right in the center of everything. It’s over 6000 square feet and it’s where I prepare all the food. No matter how big the order, my kitchen can handle it. I even serve food to local restaurants and cater for huge concerts in town. The best part is, I’m happy to stick around and manage everything for you for a whole year!

My business is located in Clark County, NV and I’m asking for $7,500,000. In a year, I make about $5,500,000 in sales, with a cash flow of $1,800,000. Pretty impressive, huh?

All-Inclusive Powersports Store

10 Cool Businesses Up for Grabs in October

I’ve got a super exciting opportunity to share with you. Since way back in 1995, I’ve been running this awesome Powersports Dealership. We’re not just any old dealership, though – we offer a full range of powersports vehicles and services. Think new and pre-owned motorcycles, dirt bikes, ATVs, UTVs, go-karts, e-bikes, and so much more!

Let me give you the scoop on our latest stats – our sales for the third quarter of 2022 have skyrocketed by a whopping 50% compared to last year’s numbers. Can you believe it? We’re on fire! And guess what? If you decide to jump on board, you’ll be getting not just the business, but all the inventory that comes with it.

Now, let’s talk location. We’re nestled right here in the beautiful state of New Mexico. And what’s the price for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, you ask? It’s a cool $1,975,000. Trust me, it’s worth every penny.

But hold on, I’ve got more mind-blowing info for you. Our gross revenue? A jaw-dropping $11,194,000. And as for the cash flow? You’ll be swimming in it, my friend, with an impressive $933,000.

So, what do you say? Ready to join the powersports revolution and take the ride of your life? Don’t miss out on this incredible chance to own a full-line, full-service powersports dealership. Get in touch with me now!