20 February 2024

Why Contractors Should Register with Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau

By Ronald Smith

So you’re probably wondering, why both? I was curious too, and I decided to do some digging to uncover the real benefits of each organization for contractors like us in today’s economy.

Let’s start with Angie’s List. It’s an online resource that helps consumers find trustworthy contractors. Here’s the deal: in order for a contractor to advertise on Angie’s List, they must have a minimum rating of B. It’s all about keeping things transparent and fair for the consumers. As a contractor, this means that if you register with Angie’s List, you can showcase your expertise and quality work to a wide audience of potential clients. In fact, according to a US News and World Report article, Angie’s List is described as an incredibly useful platform that provides valuable insights on various service providers.

Did you know that the Better Business Bureau was started by the business community to tackle false advertising? They wanted to protect both reputable contractors and consumers like you and me. According to the BBB website, it’s all about promoting ethical and responsible behavior in the marketplace.

  • Money is tight these days. We don’t have as much extra spending money as we used to.
  • And watch out for scammers! When the economy gets tough, scams tend to increase.
  • We all prefer buying from people we trust, right? It’s not just about knowing them, but also having our friends and neighbors vouch for them.

Considering these challenges, contractors must be wondering what they can do to secure the limited business that’s out there. How can they stand out from the rest?

When I register with Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau, I accomplish a couple of important things.

1. I’m letting the world know that I’m reputable and licensed.

Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau provide me with valuable information that I need to make smart decisions when buying something. I know that with both of these organizations, I can ask questions or file complaints if something goes wrong. It’s like having a partner who helps me make sure that I’m getting my money’s worth.

These organizations don’t just protect consumers like me; they also help the trustworthy contractors out there. By advocating for stricter regulations and resolutions, they make it harder for shady contractors to get away with their tricks. Their efforts are like a filter, getting rid of the bad and keeping the good contractors in the market.

When I think about it, it’s really a win-win situation when we shed light on those who are doing a poor job or scamming people out of their hard-earned money. That’s one of the great things about organizations like Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau.

2. Embracing feedback and input for better service

When contractors interact with customers, they are forming relationships with potential clients. Nowadays, homeowners want to be able to research and choose the best vendors for their needs. By being registered with Angie’s List and the BBB, contractors are basically saying that they are legitimate, skilled, and reputable companies.

Contractors should understand that consumers have higher standards now and they want to know how others view their work. When you think about it, the reviews on Angie’s List are like testimonials and referrals.

3. Making use of effective marketing tools

When I contact the BBB to find information about contractors, they give me a list of accredited contractors. This helps me as a homeowner, and it also helps the contractors. The BBB is basically referring the contractors to me.

Nowadays, more and more people rely on Angie’s List when they need a contractor. I can find out from my friends and neighbors which contractors are good. Plus, if a contractor has a B rating or better, they can advertise on Angie’s List. This gives me confidence in the contractor’s credibility.

What better way for a contractor to show credibility? And guess what? This is where I go to get information! So contractors are going to the right place to find customers – it’s one of the smartest sales strategies. That’s why I think contractors should join both organizations. It shows me, as a consumer, that they are trustworthy and serious about their business and the quality of their service. And it gives them a good way to reach potential customers. In today’s highly competitive business environment, owners need to use the best and most cost-effective resources available. These associations are exactly that.