19 February 2024

What Can a Promoted Trend on Twitter Do for Your Business?

By Ronald Smith

What Can a Promoted Trend on Twitter Do for Your Business?

Are you wondering how a Promoted Trend on Twitter can benefit your business? Well, let me break it down for you.

See, when you promote a trend on Twitter, it puts your brand right in the spotlight. It’s like having a huge billboard in Times Square, but on the internet. It’s a fantastic way to grab people’s attention and get them talking about your products or services.

Now, you might be wondering, What exactly is a Promoted Trend? Great question! A Promoted Trend is a hashtag that appears at the top of Twitter’s trending topics list for 24 hours. This means that whenever someone checks out what’s trending on Twitter, they’ll see your hashtag right there, front and center.

But it’s not just about visibility. A Promoted Trend can also help you engage with your audience. When people see your hashtag, they’ll click on it, and that’s where the magic happens. They’ll be directed to a Twitter search results page that shows all the tweets with your hashtag. This is an excellent opportunity for you to join in on the conversation and build a connection with your audience.

Now, here’s where things get even more exciting. Twitter users love sharing interesting and engaging content, right? Well, when you promote a trend, you’re not just promoting your brand’s hashtag, but also an engaging tweet that’s linked to your trend. This tweet will appear at the top of the search results page, making it highly visible to everyone checking out tweets related to your trend. It’s like having a catchy jingle that gets stuck in people’s heads!

So, what are the benefits of all this? Well, when you use a Promoted Trend, you can increase brand awareness, reach a wider audience, and spark conversations about your business. This can lead to more followers, more engagement, and ultimately, more customers for your products or services.

Sounds amazing, right? But I get it, you might be thinking, Is this going to be expensive? It’s a valid concern, but here’s the thing: the cost of a Promoted Trend varies depending on factors like the country you’re targeting and the time of day you want it to run. Twitter offers different pricing options to suit different budgets, so you can find the right fit for your business.

So, there you have it – a Promoted Trend on Twitter can do wonders for your business. It’s an effective way to get your brand noticed, engage with your audience, and generate buzz. So why not give it a try and see how it can elevate your business to new heights?

What Can a Promoted Trend on Twitter Do for Your Business?

Have you ever noticed how sometimes new social media tools and updates can make things more confusing instead of better? Well, I’ve got some news for you – there are some really cool changes to Twitter that can actually help your company advertise in a big way.

One of those changes is Twitter Promoted Trends. It’s an option that lets you purchase an ad that will show up in users’ timelines for a certain amount of time. And not just on Twitter, but also on Android, iPhone, and TweetDeck, which is a tool that lets you manage multiple accounts at once.

But that’s not all! Twitter has also come up with a new feature called Moments. It’s awesome because you don’t have to follow a bunch of people to see what’s going on. Instead, you can just look at a tab in the mobile app that has all the latest news headlines.

Let me share a clever advertising tip with you. It’s pretty obvious, but oh-so-effective. You can use Twitter Promoted Trends to give your brand a boost during an event or campaign you’re running on social media. Cool, right?

Now, I get it, not all brands have a bottomless marketing budget. But here’s the thing – if you keep an eye on the latest Twitter trends, you can increase brand awareness without breaking the bank. It’s not completely free, but it allows you to create and promote content that’s way smarter and savvier.

But does it really make a difference?

Great question! In today’s fast-paced world where consumer attention spans are fleeting, it’s crucial to invest in strategies that have the biggest impact right now.

As a small business, it can be challenging to afford the fees for Promoted Trends, which can cost around $200,000 a day. However, there’s still a way for you to get involved. By aligning yourself with bigger brands that are not direct competitors, you can get your company in front of more people without spending much money. In fact, this strategy could even put your lesser-known brand on the map.

Twitter Promoted Trends have the potential to increase the conversation around your product or brand. But it’s important to know how to use them strategically for the best results.

1. Be Clever in Every Way

An advertisement should never stand alone. Create a hashtag that you can use on Twitter and other social media platforms to tie your campaign together. Take inspiration from UNREAL Candy, which used hashtags related to its content and incorporated them into its tweeted content. Even though their video was a bit long, they found a way to make it work.

Let me explain how you can use Twitter to boost your advertising campaign. First, you can listen to conversations on Twitter by searching for a hashtag related to your campaign. This will help you find users who are interested in your product or service. You can then send coupons to these users to encourage them to try your product.

Alternatively, you can purchase Promoted tweets, which are cheaper and available through an auction. Within these tweets, you can use a hashtag from a popular brand’s Promoted Trend. This will help you target consumers who are already interested in the general topic.

2. Combine Ad Spend

Another strategy is to combine your ad spend on Twitter Promoted Trends with your TV advertising budget. This can enhance your advertising efforts at both the middle and bottom stages of your sales funnel.

Promoted Trends on Twitter can stretch your ad dollars further than just TV advertising alone. You can also combine the two strategies to achieve even greater results, even if you only run TV ads in specific cities.

According to Nielsen, CPG brands in the U.S. saw a boost in sales when they used both Twitter and TV ads together. In fact, they had 8 to 16 percent more sales compared to just running TV ads. The trick is to include the Twitter Promoted Trends hashtag in your TV spot, and you’re almost good to go!

3. Remember the Basics

Keep in mind that Twitter Promoted Trends won’t directly lead to sales. They’re not meant to be used as tools for selling at the bottom of the sales funnel. Instead, they’re like vehicles that raise awareness about your website at the top of the sales funnel.

Did you know that a study done by Twitter showed that people were 151 percent more likely to tweet about products after seeing them advertised with a paid Trend? Not only that, but there was also an increase in tweets about buying those products. It’s pretty incredible! Even three weeks after a Promoted Trend ran for just 24 hours, brands still saw a 20 percent increase in related conversation.

When it comes to Twitter, innovation leads to more innovation. By using these simple tactics to make a big impact on the Twitterverse, you can increase your profits and make more people aware of your brand. This strategy can work for any business, but especially for those looking to launch a new product. It can also help companies with a large presence across different locations or those working with smaller marketing budgets who need a boost.