14 December 2023

Discover the Power of “Found Money” and Transform Your Business and Your Life

By Ronald Smith

If someone told me I would be THIS pumped about a finance and accounting book, I would have laughed! The thought of slogging through finance and accounting classes in college and business school used to make me cringe. Financial review meetings? No thanks! You can probably imagine how much I dreaded those. Finance and accounting were never my cup of tea.

But let me tell you, I’m jumping out of my seat for Steve Wilkinghoff’s book Found Money: Uncover the Secrets to Boosting Profit and Cash Flow in Your Business. Why? Because Wilkinghoff has reimagined the daunting world of finance and accounting into something that gets me thrilled – earning MORE MONEY! Now I’ve got your attention, right?!

Discovering Money is Exciting!

I bought this book because I wanted to review it for my list of must-read books in 2009. However, I didn’t get around to reading it until recently, when I started getting my tax documents ready to send to my accountant. What perfect timing! This is the best time to read this book because I’m already gathering my financial statements and reflecting on what activities made me the most money last year.

I have to say, this is the most enjoyable book I’ve ever read on this topic. Wilkinghoff’s writing style is light, friendly, and incredibly personable. You’ll find yourself speeding through this content with excitement.

This book is a blast to read because of Steve’s enthusiasm for the subject, and especially because of his simple and straightforward advice on how to make your business more profitable.

Discovering the Power of Positioning with Steve Wilkinghoff

Hey there, let me introduce you to Steve Wilkinghoff. He’s not your average accountant. Sure, he’s got all the financial know-how, just like all those other accountants and Chief Financial Officers out there. But Steve? He’s taken things to a whole new level. He’s positioned himself as a financial professional with a specific mission – to help business owners like you make MORE MONEY.

Now, you might be wondering, what sets Steve apart from the rest? Well, it’s simple. He doesn’t just call himself an accountant (sure, he mentions it in his book, but that’s not the focus). No, no. Steve goes by a different name – Capital Advisor ®. Yep, you read that right, he’s even got a registered trademark for it! And that’s because Steve is all about more than just crunching numbers and reporting on what happened. He’s all about actively managing your business to maximize profits.

Wilkinghoff, the author of this book, is not just any financial advisor. With his vast experience as a business owner and accountant, he has a unique perspective on financial ratios. And let me tell you, he knows how to make them come alive! He breaks down complex terms like Return on Investment and Gross Margin in a way that is so engaging, it got me excited and curious about my own ratios. I started wondering if I was getting the maximum return on my investment.

Are you in control of your business, or is your business controlling you?

Although this book is packed with valuable insights, one of my favorite parts is the very beginning. In Chapter 1, Steve raises a vital question: What is the Purpose of Your Business? He lists various common answers, but ultimately, they all boil down to one thing – making money. That’s the true purpose of every business.

In the remaining chapters, I will take you on a journey towards greater success, balance, and happiness in your life. After all, it’s tough to be happy if you’re working yourself to the bone and not making any money.

In Chapter 2, I ask you When does your business actually make money? This is where I debunk a common misconception that a business is profitable as long as it can pay off its debts. I believe that true success and profitability in a business can only be achieved if you, as the business owner, have the freedom to live the life you desire. If your business is consuming all your time and energy, it’s not truly profitable. And that’s a refreshing perspective.

  1. Generate a positive net profit
  2. Provide you with a satisfactory return on investment
  3. Generate a strong enough positive cash flow

Guess what? I’ve got some easy-to-use worksheets in this book that will totally help you figure out how your business is doing. How cool is that?

Listen, I’ve got a great idea for you. Head on over to FoundMoneybook.com and take a look at the worksheets that Wilkinghoff has come up with. Trust me, they’re awesome. You can even do a Found Money Analysis while you’re at it. Sounds like a fun way to get a handle on things, right?

Hurry up and grab this book!

Hey, if you’re an accountant, a financial advisor, or a CFO who’s finding it tough to get new clients (and more profit, of course), this book is for you! It’s loaded with valuable lessons on how to stand out from the crowd by showing off your expertise and helping the business owner achieve their deepest goals – like running a profitable business and actually having a life. Pretty amazing, huh?

If your business is all about trying to accomplish more with fewer resources (Just like everyone else!), don’t waste any time – grab this book right now and witness a noticeable boost within just a month!

If your business is all about trying to accomplish more with fewer resources (Just like everyone else!), don’t waste any time – grab this book right now and witness a noticeable boost within just a month!