24 January 2024

9 Cool Facts About Salesforce Every Small Business Owner Needs to Know

By Ronald Smith

Brought to you by Salesforce

9 Cool Facts About Salesforce Every Small Business Owner Needs to Know

So, let me tell you about Salesforce. It’s a company that helps both big and small businesses like yours. And guess what? Even though they’re growing and serving more customers, they still have their eyes on companies like yours.

Now, I’ve got a list of 10 things that every small business should know about Salesforce. This will help you understand what the company is all about and what it offers. So, let’s dive in!

Did you know that Salesforce started small, just like your business?

Back in 1999, Salesforce began in a tiny apartment in San Francisco. Can you believe it? It’s a story that many small business owners can relate to. The company’s founder, Marc Benioff, gave up a successful career to start Salesforce, and he had to work hard to find investors. It wasn’t easy, but he believed in his vision.

Wow, can you believe how big Salesforce has become? It’s like a tech giant now! In just the last quarter, they made an incredible $2.56 billion in revenue. That’s a whopping 26 percent increase compared to last year. It’s no wonder they’re considered the best CRM company in such a competitive industry.

Did you know Salesforce has over 150,000 customers? That’s a lot!

Believe it or not, Salesforce actually started out as a small business too. They understood the needs of small businesses and were able to grow from there. Even though they now serve some of the biggest companies in the world, they haven’t forgotten about their roots. They still prioritize startups and small businesses, because these are the customers who helped them get to where they are today.

I have to tell you about DUFL. They’re a company that has had incredible success thanks to Salesforce. It’s like having a personal assistant for all your business travel needs. DUFL takes care of cleaning and storing the clothes you need for your trips, and then they ship them directly to where you’re going. And the best part is that DUFL uses Salesforce to keep track of your specific needs, so they can give you a personalized experience that’s just right for you. They’ve really hit the mark with their customer service, and it shows. With Salesforce by their side, DUFL has been able to grow their team to less than 50 employees and still achieve a 10% increase in business every month. Plus, they have a customer retention rate of over 99%. That’s pretty amazing, if you ask me!

But here’s the thing: Salesforce is more than just CRM.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Salesforce being used for customer relationship management, especially for small businesses. But let me tell you, there’s so much more to it than that. Salesforce has a whole range of services that can benefit companies like yours. It’s not just about managing your customers, it’s about boosting your business in ways you never even imagined.

Let me give you an example. A little while ago, Salesforce bought a company called Demandware. They liked it so much that they changed its name to Salesforce Commerce Cloud. This Commerce Cloud thing lets small businesses make really cool shopping experiences for all their customers, even on their phones.

And guess what? Salesforce has something else called Quip. It’s a tool that helps companies work together and create stuff.

Oh, and I’ve got to tell you about this amazing event called Dreamforce. It’s organized by Salesforce, and it’s a really big deal. In fact, it’s the biggest software conference in the whole world. When you go there, you’ll never feel alone.

See, that’s what makes Salesforce so awesome. They’re always coming up with new and exciting things for businesses like yours. So go ahead and explore all the possibilities!

I’m super excited to tell you all about Dreamforce and why it’s so awesome for small businesses like yours. It’s a chance for you to see firsthand how Salesforce and its incredible offerings can benefit your small business. And guess what? You’ll also get to meet around 175,000 other attendees at this year’s event. Yup, you heard that right — 175 THOUSAND people!

Just imagine, it’s like a whole city of people gathered in one place. Pretty incredible, huh? Brent Leary, co-founder of CRM Essentials and a regular at Dreamforce, even said, It’s bigger than a lot of cities!

Here’s the best part: many of these attendees are small business customers just like you. So, you’ll be in great company! In fact, there are over 300 sessions at Dreamforce specifically designed to help small businesses grow and succeed.

But wait, there’s more! Salesforce is bringing artificial intelligence to the table.

Yep, you heard me right. Salesforce has made a big investment in artificial intelligence. They’ve even given it a cool name — Einstein. And you know what? They promise that using Einstein will make everyone in your small business smarter. How amazing is that?

During an interview with USamerica.US, Tony Rodoni from Salesforce emphasized the importance of AI for small businesses like yours and mine.

You don’t need to have a data science department for your small business, Rodoni said. But we want to make our product more useful by adding features that help you spot trends, suggest actions, and guide you towards the next steps. Our products will bring these benefits to our SMB customers very soon!

With Salesforce, your small business can access funding, find investors, or receive assistance for growth.

Salesforce has its own investment branch called Salesforce Ventures, providing capital and support for businesses.

The company has also established the AI Innovation Fund, investing $50 million in startups that leverage AI to integrate their products with Salesforce.

Let me tell you about Salesforce for Startups. It’s a program specially designed to help startups like yours succeed and make a difference. With Salesforce, you’ll get access to all the technology, resources, and expertise you need to build a thriving customer-focused company.

But here’s the cool part: Salesforce isn’t just about business success. They also believe in giving back to the community. That’s why they have a special program called the 1-1-1 philanthropy program. This program is all about making a positive impact on your community while running a successful company.

See, the 1-1-1 model is based on the idea that small businesses, like yours, can donate and give back right from the start. It’s a way to make a difference without holding back your own growth and success.

In my own journey of growth, the 1s in 1-1-1 symbolize the dedication of time, resources, and products towards the greater good of our community. Every business that commits to this philosophy contributes to the common welfare.

Salesforce.org proudly announces that it has already made a significant impact, donating $168 million in grants, providing 2.3 million hours of community service, and offering product giveaways to over 32,000 nonprofits and higher education institutions.

Discover a world of possibilities with the AppExchange.

Salesforce was the first to introduce an app store for third-party integrations and extensions. It’s called Salesforce AppExchange, and it allows you to explore a collection of other business apps that seamlessly integrate with Salesforce.

Guess what? The AppExchange recently hit a major milestone with five million installs! Can you believe that? It’s like a big party celebrating the growth and success of the AppExchange.

You know, Salesforce took six years to reach one million installs, but in just the past 12 months, it jumped from four to five million. That’s some serious acceleration! It shows how much people are loving and relying on Salesforce’s partner ecosystem.

Speaking of which, the partner ecosystem is like a community of super helpful apps that work together to make running small businesses easier and more efficient. It’s like having a whole team of apps supporting you!

But wait, there’s more! Salesforce has this awesome learning system called Trailhead. It’s not your typical boring training program. Nope, it’s gamified! Salesforce calls it the fun way to learn how to use their system.

And guess what? It’s totally free! With Trailhead, you can choose from different learning modules and guided trails, no matter what your skill level is. They even have a special Trail Mix designed just for small businesses. How cool is that?

If you want to learn more about how small businesses can benefit from Trailhead, check out this blog post. It’s full of interesting info that might just help you take your business to the next level.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to explore and conquer the Salesforce universe with Trailhead. It’s time to level up your skills and have some fun along the way! Let’s go!