5 December 2023

50 Great Business Ideas for People Who Love Sharing Information

By Ronald Smith

Are you someone who loves sharing knowledge and information? Well, I’ve got some cool business ideas just for you. Whether you’re a kid or an adult, these ideas are perfect for anyone who enjoys spreading the word and helping others. So, let’s dive in and explore these awesome business opportunities that will showcase your passion for sharing information!

1. Start a blog: Share your expertise and interests online by creating your own blog.

2. Write an ebook: Gather your knowledge on a specific topic and publish it as an ebook.

3. Podcasting: Start a podcast where you can talk about interesting subjects and interview experts.

4. Online courses: Create and sell online courses on a topic you’re knowledgeable about.

5. Social media consultancy: Help businesses grow their online presence through social media.

6. Graphic design services: Offer your artistic skills to design logos and graphics for businesses.

7. Virtual assistant: Assist busy professionals with administrative tasks remotely.

8. YouTube channel: Share your expertise or hobbies through engaging videos on YouTube.

9. SEO consulting: Help businesses optimize their websites for better search engine rankings.

10. Content writing: Provide high-quality content writing services to websites and businesses.

11. Web development: Build websites for individuals and small businesses.

12. Online tutoring: Teach students online in subjects you excel at.

13. Translation services: Offer translation services for individuals and businesses.

14. Social media influencer: Grow your social media following and partner with brands for sponsored posts.

15. Online coaching: Provide personal or professional coaching services through video calls.

16. App development: Create smartphone apps that solve problems or entertain users.

17. Copywriting: Write persuasive and compelling copy for advertisements and marketing materials.

18. E-commerce store: Start an online store to sell products you’re passionate about.

19. Handmade crafts: Create unique handmade crafts and sell them online or at local markets.

20. Photography services: Offer photography services for events or sell your photos online.

21. Voiceover artist: Use your voice talents to record voiceovers for videos or commercials.

22. Affiliate marketing: Earn commissions by promoting products or services on your website.

23. Resume writing: Help job seekers create professional resumes and cover letters.

24. Language lessons: Teach others a language you’re fluent in through private lessons or online courses.

25. Public speaking: Share your expertise on a topic by delivering motivational or informative speeches.

26. Travel consulting: Help people plan their dream vacations by offering travel advice.

27. Online store consultant: Assist businesses in setting up and optimizing their online stores.

28. Freelance writing: Write articles and blog posts for websites and magazines.

29. Personal training: Help individuals achieve their fitness goals through personalized workout plans.

30. Event planning: Organize and coordinate events for individuals and businesses.

31. Interior design: Use your creativity to design beautiful spaces for residential or commercial clients.

32. DJ services: Provide DJ services for parties and events.

33. Home organizing: Help individuals declutter and organize their homes.

34. Video editing: Edit videos for individuals or businesses to create engaging content.

35. Meal planning: Create meal plans for individuals or families based on their dietary needs.

36. Pet grooming: Offer grooming services for pets in your local area.

37. Gardening services: Help others maintain and beautify their gardens with your green thumb.

38. Personal chef: Cook and deliver delicious meals for busy individuals or families.

39. Mobile car wash: Provide car washing services at people’s homes or workplaces.

40. Computer repair: Fix computer issues for individuals and small businesses.

41. Bookkeeping: Help businesses keep track of their finances and manage their accounts.

42. Resume design: Create visually appealing resumes for job seekers.

43. Life coaching: Assist individuals in achieving personal and professional goals.

44. Music lessons: Teach others to play an instrument or sing.

45. Antique restoration: Restore and refurbish antique furniture or items.

46. Bicycle repair: Fix bicycles and offer maintenance services.

47. Wedding planning: Help couples plan their dream weddings and coordinate the big day.

48. Personal shopper: Shop for others and provide a personalized and convenient shopping experience.

49. Carpool service: Offer transportation services for commuters who want to carpool.

50. Candle making: Create and sell handmade candles with unique scents and designs.

Wow! That’s quite a list of ideas, isn’t it? I hope you found something that sparked your interest. Remember, the key to success in these businesses is to love what you do and enjoy sharing your knowledge. Pick an idea that excites you, put in the effort, and watch your business thrive! Best of luck on your new venture, and remember, the sky’s the limit!

50 Great Business Ideas for People Who Love Sharing Information

I’m an infopreneur, which means I make money by selling information. Information can take many different forms, so there are lots of business ideas out there for people like me who want to make a living by sharing their expertise. I’ve come up with 50 different business ideas that could work for infopreneurs like us.


How I Identify Business Ideas for Infopreneurs

To help identify opportunities that align with our skills in managing information and creating content, I use a special set of criteria. These criteria are important for finding ventures that let us use our unique strengths. Each criterion is rated on a scale from 1 to 5, with 5 being the most important:

  1. Ability to Make Money from Expertise
    • Importance: 5
    • I prioritize business ideas that help people make money from their expertise and knowledge. This means finding opportunities where you can turn your deep understanding of a subject into a profitable product or service.
    • Creating and Sharing Content
      • Importance: 5
      • I look for business ideas that allow you to create and share content, like writing blogs, making eBooks, or teaching online courses. These ideas are great because they match the skills and strengths of infopreneurs like me.
      • Meeting Niche Information Demand
        • Importance: 4
        • I analyze the demand for specific niche information in the market. The more people are interested in a particular niche, the greater the opportunity for success as an infopreneur.
        • Using Digital Platforms
          • Importance: 4
          • It’s really important to know how to use digital platforms effectively for marketing and distribution. I want to find ideas that can make the most of online channels to reach as many people as possible and have a big impact.
          • Scalability and Growth Potential
          • Importance: 3
          • Another important thing to think about is how much the business can grow and reach more people. This will make sure that the business can keep going and have opportunities to grow even more in the future.
          • Networking and Collaboration Opportunities
          • Importance: 3
          • I also want to see ideas that allow for working with and learning from other professionals. This can make an infopreneur’s work even better and help them be more popular in the market.
          • Innovation and Trend Adaptation
          • Importance: 4
          • Last but not least, it’s really important to be able to come up with new and fresh ideas, and adapt to what’s popular right now. This will help keep the infopreneur ahead of the game and make their business successful.
          • In the information industry, it is crucial to be innovative and adaptable to keep up with changing trends and technologies. This is necessary to stay relevant and competitive.

            When considering business ideas, we prioritize cost-effectiveness and low overhead. We prefer ideas that require minimal initial investment. This is particularly important for infopreneurs.

            By using these criteria, our goal is to guide infopreneurs towards ideas that make the most of their skills in information management, content creation, and digital marketing. This will help them maximize their potential for success in the information industry.

            Now let’s look at some specific business ideas for infopreneurs.

            First up is the traditional author.

            50 Great Business Ideas for People Who Love Sharing Information

            If you want to share information, writing a book can be a cool way to pack a lot of stuff into one awesome product.

            The Author of an eBook

            But you don’t have to go the old-fashioned route anymore. Now, you can easily publish your own books online and sell them as ebooks. There are loads of digital platforms you can use to get your work out there to a big audience.

            The Expert Blogger

            You can also start your own blog about something you know a whole lot about.

            The Blogger in a Unique Niche

            Or you can start a blog that focuses on a super specific topic and share information and thoughts all about that particular subject.

            The Guest Blogger

            If you’re famous in a certain niche or field, you can also make money by offering to write as a guest blogger for other websites.

            The Podcaster

            I want to talk to you about an awesome way to share information and expertise using sound. It’s called podcasting, and it’s super cool! With podcasting, you can create audio shows that people can listen to whenever they want. It’s like having your own radio station.

            Are you a Newsletter Writer?

            50 Great Business Ideas for People Who Love Sharing Information

            Or you can share what you know with people who are interested by sending them an email newsletter.

            Affiliate Marketer

            If you have a blog, podcast, or anything else online, you can partner with brands as an affiliate marketer to send people to their websites. It’s a business you can start with little money, and it can work with many different topics.

            YouTube Personality

            Another option is to create your own YouTube channel or make online videos where you share information and make money from ads.

            Public Speaker

            If you like talking to people face-to-face, you can speak at events and share your knowledge with others.

            Niche Website Operator

            You could also start a website about a specific subject and share information in different ways, not just through blogs or podcasts.

            Membership Site Owner

            How about creating your own website and making some money? You can charge people a membership fee to access special parts of your site or get cool bonus content through email.

            Superstar on Social Media

            50 Great Business Ideas for People Who Love Sharing Information

            If you’re looking to showcase your knowledge and expertise, social media is a great platform for you. By sharing your insights and information on social media, you can establish yourself as an influencer in that space. It’s a fantastic way to build your reputation and connect with a wider audience.

            Managing Social Media

            If you enjoy working with businesses and helping them enhance their social media presence, you can offer your services as a social media manager. This involves managing and maintaining their social media accounts, creating content, and engaging with their audience. It’s a service-based business that allows you to share your expertise while helping others succeed.

            Crafting Online Courses

            If you have a specific skill or craft that you want to teach, creating your own online courses is a brilliant option. You can design and develop courses tailored to your expertise and sell them to interested individuals. Since they’re online, you can reach a large number of customers without limitations. It’s a fantastic way to share your knowledge and monetize your skills.

            Selling Workbooks and Downloads

            Another avenue to showcase your expertise is by creating workbooks, worksheets, or other informational downloads. You can sell them through a blog or website, giving people access to valuable resources that help them learn and grow. It’s a creative and profitable way to share your knowledge while providing valuable tools for others.

            Crafting How-to Guides

            Your Path to Becoming a Magazine Publisher

            Have you ever dreamed of creating your very own magazine? Even though print publications may not be as popular as they once were, you can still turn your passion into profit by selling your magazines directly to consumers.

            Become a Newspaper Publisher in your Community

            Imagine this: you can become the voice of your local community by creating and selling a newspaper. Share important information, stories, and news that your neighbors and friends want to read about. It’s a fantastic way to keep everyone in the loop!

            Show Off Your Expertise as a Freelance Blogger

            If you’re an expert in a specific subject, why not share your knowledge with the world? You can work as a freelance blogger and write for other websites or publications, earning a living while doing what you love!

            Unleash Your Creativity as a Ghost Blogger

            Here’s a cool idea: create amazing articles or blog posts and sell them to websites who will publish them under their own names. It’s like being a ghostwriter for the digital world, and it allows you to showcase your talent while making money!

            Discover the Thrill of Copywriting

            If you love writing and have a way with words, becoming a copywriter might be the perfect fit for you. You can specialize in different types of content, like advertisements or product descriptions, and even start your own business doing what you love!

            Become a Coach and Help Others Reach Their Goals

            So, here’s an idea for you: instead of just working a regular job, you could take a more personal approach and become a coach in a specific field. You can do this either in person or online, depending on your preferences and what works best for you. Plus, as you gain experience and grow your business, you can even offer more products or services to expand and reach even more people!

            First up, let’s talk about being a consultant.

            Now, consultants are a bit like coaches, but they focus on helping people or businesses with more specific issues. So, if you have expertise in a certain area and want to use it to assist others, this could be the perfect fit for you!

            Another interesting option is becoming a forum moderator.

            If you’re interested in building an info business online, you can create your very own online forum. This is a place where you and members of your community can gather and share valuable information with each other. It’s a great way to connect with others who share your interests and make money while doing it!

            Now, let’s talk about being a community leader.

            Have you ever thought about starting your own community? It can be either in person or online, depending on what suits you best. By organizing events or offering membership opportunities, you can create a thriving community and even earn money from it. How cool is that?

            Last but not least, we have the directory site operator option.

            For all those tech-savvy individuals out there, this one might be right up your alley. You can create a website specifically designed to list a specific type of information. And here’s the best part: you can charge businesses or individuals for being listed on your site. So not only do you get to provide a valuable resource, but you also earn some extra cash while doing it!

            Become an Expert in Your Industry

            If you learn a lot about a specific industry, you can become well-known and earn money by sharing your knowledge through things like teaching sessions or public speaking.

            Sell Printable Products

            There are many different printable products you can sell online by offering downloads, from detailed guides to simple informational posters.

            Host Online Info Sessions

            Online info sessions, called webinars, are a fast way to share your expertise with a large audience through video.

            Hold Workshops

            Alternatively, you can have in-person workshops and charge people who are interested in attending.

            Offer One-on-One Help

            If you prefer to help people individually, you can start a business as a tutor and specialize in teaching a specific subject.

            Teach Classes

            So, here’s the deal. You can start a really cool class and teach all sorts of things – like dance or even SAT-prep. People are actually looking for classes on all kinds of topics, so there’s a good chance you’ll have students.

            Conference Organizer

            Now, if you’re into sharing information through conferences or events, you can totally organize your own. Just make sure you get some awesome speakers and provide valuable info for your attendees.

            Mobile App Seller

            Another way to share information with folks is through mobile apps. If you have a great idea, you can actually create your own app and sell it. Or you could make money by offering in-app purchases or displaying ads.

            Financial Advisor

            If you’re someone who knows a thing or two about finances, you could become a financial advisor. That means you can help people or even businesses with money matters and charge a fee for your expert advice.


            Here’s another idea – you can sell information by doing research on specific subjects that your clients are interested in. They’ll be super grateful for all the valuable knowledge you uncover!


            Did you know that editors are pretty awesome? They may not always talk about their own expertise, but they can provide some super helpful insights for us writers in all sorts of cool ways.

            Get ready to be amazed!

            If you work in an industry that needs special training, guess what? You can start your own business by offering that specific training to other businesses who want to outsource that part of their work. How cool is that?

            The power of knowledge!

            Another cool thing you can do is gather information from different sources and create your very own e-library. It’s like having all the answers in one place, making it super easy for people to find the info they need. Pretty awesome, right?

            Become a business expert!

            Now, if you’re a pro in the business world, why not offer your services as a business plan writer or consultant? You can share your wisdom with new entrepreneurs and help them succeed. It’s like being a superhero of business!

            Unleash your marketing powers!

            50 Great Business Ideas for People Who Love Sharing Information

            Get Your Message Out with a Press Release Service

            Imagine if you could offer a special service to businesses that helps them share important information with media outlets and reach a wider audience. Well, that’s exactly what a Press Release Service Operator does!

            Create Eye-Catching Brochures and More

            If you’re a creative person with a knack for design, you could become a Brochure Creator. Businesses often need visually appealing brochures and other informative materials to attract customers. By offering your skills, you can help them stand out from the crowd.

            Make an Impact with Direct Mail Campaigns

            Have you ever thought about the power of direct mail? As a Direct Mail Creator, you could write compelling campaigns that catch people’s attention and spread the word about businesses or causes. Your words could make a real difference!

            Bridge the Language Gap as a Translator

            Speaking multiple languages is a valuable skill. And as a Translator, you can use that skill to help people communicate across different cultures. Whether it’s translating documents or other materials, you can play a crucial role in breaking down language barriers.

            Unlock Your Imagination with Short Story Writing

            If you’re a writer who loves to tell stories but doesn’t want to commit to a full-length book or short blog posts, becoming a Short Story Writer might be just the thing for you. You can create captivating stories and sell them, sharing your imagination with readers around the world.

            Transform Lives as a Personal Trainer

            If you’re someone who loves fitness and wants to share your knowledge with others, becoming a personal trainer can be a great business idea for you.

            Becoming a Fitness Instructor

            Alternatively, you could also consider offering group classes where you can share your expertise with multiple people at once. There is a high demand for information in this field, so you’ll have plenty of potential clients.

            Providing Meal Planning Services

            If you are more knowledgeable about dieting and nutrition, you can create and sell personalized meal plans to clients who need help in this area. This will help them come up with a plan that is tailored to their specific needs and goals.

            Enhancing Your Journey as an Infopreneur: A Commitment to Value and Growth

            • Offer Different Formats: To cater to different learning styles and preferences, explore various content formats such as podcasts, videos, webinars, and workshops.

            I want to tell you about some important things you should know to be successful on the internet. Here they are:

            1. Global Reach: The internet gives you the power to connect with people all over the world. You can share your expertise with anyone, no matter where they are.

            2. Niche Refinement: It’s important to focus on a specific area of expertise. When you have a laser-focused approach, you become more credible and stand out from the crowd.

            3. Collaborative Ventures: By working with other people who have similar interests, you can reach even more people and offer more valuable content. Collaborating with others makes your work better and expands your audience.

            4. Authority Building: To be seen as an expert in your field, you need to consistently provide valuable insights. When you do this, people will trust you and look to you for guidance.

            5. Innovation: The internet is always changing, so it’s important to find new and creative ways to present information. When you do something different and interesting, people are more likely to pay attention.

            I hope these tips help you succeed as an infopreneur!

          • Analytics Insight: I want you to use analytics to understand what your audience likes and then adjust your content strategy accordingly. It’s like getting a sneak peek into what people want!
          • Scalability: When you create something, think about how it can keep making money in the long run. Maybe you can make evergreen content that stays relevant or use automated systems to keep generating income. It’s like setting up a money-making machine!
          • Automation Tools: Take advantage of tools that can do the work for you. They can help with tasks like sending emails, scheduling content, and engaging with customers. It’s like having a personal assistant who can handle all the boring stuff!
          • Interactive Engagement: Get your audience involved by doing fun things like quizzes, polls, and QA sessions. It’s a way to make them feel like part of the action and keep them interested!
          • Continual Learning: Remember, learning never stops. Make sure to stay updated with the latest trends and information in your field. Infopreneurs are always learning because knowledge is power!
          • Rise Above with Feedback: Embrace feedback from your audience, using it as a stepping stone to growth and improvement.
          • Be Your Own Brand: Build a personal brand that truly connects with your audience, showcasing your values and who you are.
          • The Power of Story: Become a master storyteller, sharing information in a way that captivates and stays with your listeners.
          • Connect and Amplify: Forge relationships with media and influencers to spread your message far and wide.
          • Embrace the Digital Age: Stay ahead of the game in technology, using digital tools to enhance how you deliver and engage with your content.
          • Harness the Power of Community

            Come together with your audience, creating a strong community that thrives on shared learning and growth. Encourage collaboration and support among members, fostering an environment where knowledge is freely exchanged.

            Nurture an Entrepreneurial Mindset

            Embrace an entrepreneurial mindset, both within yourself and your organization. Be adaptable and quick to respond to changing circumstances, always on the lookout for new opportunities that can propel you forward.

            Cultivate Passion and Persistence

            Passion and persistence are key ingredients to infopreneurial success. Stay committed to your mission, even when faced with challenges and setbacks. Let your determination and love for what you do keep you going.

            As I embark on my infopreneurial journey, I am reminded of the immense power my expertise holds. Through sharing my knowledge, I have the incredible opportunity to inspire, educate, and transform lives. By embracing these principles, I not only build a thriving business but also make a positive impact on my industry and the people I touch.

            Sharing Expertise: The Road to Infopreneurial Triumph

          1. Niche Expertise: The key to being successful as an infopreneur is knowing a lot about a specific topic. Find something you’re really passionate about and that your audience is interested in.
          2. Content Strategy: Make a plan for how you’ll share information with your audience. Decide if you want to write blogs, make videos, host podcasts, send newsletters, or use other formats.
          3. Engaging Content Creation: Create content that is interesting and helpful. Your audience should be able to find answers, insights, and advice they can actually use in their lives.
          4. Building a Community: Let’s build a community around your content. It’s important to engage with your audience by responding to their questions and encouraging discussions. This creates a sense of connection and belonging.
          5. Ways to Make Money: Let’s explore different ways to make money from your expertise. You can consider selling e-books, online courses, workshops, or subscription-based content.
          6. Creating a Consistent Brand: It’s essential to create a brand identity that reflects your niche and resonates with your audience. When your brand is consistent, it helps build trust and credibility.
          7. Providing Value: Instead of focusing on making money right away, let’s prioritize delivering value to your audience. Offer free content that showcases your expertise, which can then lead your audience to pay for premium offerings.
          8. Mastering Marketing: I can show you how to effectively promote your content and offerings. Let’s use social media, collaborations, and SEO to reach more people and get your name out there.
          9. Listening to Your Audience: I want to hear from you! Your feedback is invaluable in helping me improve. Tell me what you like and what you want, and I’ll make sure to cater to your changing needs and preferences.
          10. Quality is Key: I’m not here to flood you with content. Instead, I focus on delivering high-value information that you can trust. Quality over quantity is my motto, and I want to establish myself as a reliable source of knowledge.
          11. Keeping Up with the Times: The world of infopreneurship is always changing. I’m here to help you stay ahead of the curve. Let’s stay updated on industry trends and adapt your content and strategies accordingly. Your ability to evolve will be a major factor in your success.
          12. Measurement and Analysis: I regularly keep track of numbers and data to see how well my strategies are working. By studying this information, I can make improvements to my content and the way I engage with others.
          13. Networking: I collaborate with other experts and professionals in my field. This networking opens up opportunities for partnerships, promoting each other’s work, and reaching a wider audience.
          14. Long-Term Vision: I create a big-picture plan for my infopreneur business. I set goals, milestones, and a roadmap for growth and expanding my reach.

          Becoming an infopreneur allows me to share what I know and make money doing it. By following these principles, I can not only pursue my passion for sharing knowledge but also grow a successful business that connects with my audience and reflects my values.