4 March 2024

12 Fantastic Work Schedule Apps to Help Your Small Business

By Ronald Smith

Now that more and more teams are working remotely and on flexible schedules, it can be tough to manage employee schedules for tasks, shifts, timetables, and projects. But don’t worry! Technology has come to the rescue with amazing work schedule apps that make scheduling a breeze.

With these apps, you can clock in and out more efficiently using your phone, prevent double-scheduling mishaps, and ensure you have the right number of staff for each shift. They offer many other benefits too!

Check out these Work Schedule Apps

If you’re not sure which work schedule app is best for your business, don’t sweat it. We’ve compiled a list of the top 12 work schedule apps for you to consider.

Humanity: Simplify Employee Scheduling

Want to make managing your business smoother? Look no further than Humanity. With this awesome app, you can optimize employee schedules and make everything run like clockwork. Plus, it lets you import and integrate important business data, so you can forecast and plan your scheduling needs with ease.

WorkTime: Never Miss a Shift

Hey, busy bee! WorkTime to the rescue! This super easy-to-use app will keep you on top of your work schedule. It sends handy alerts to remind you when shifts are coming up. You can even add end times to your shifts and keep track of the hours worked and wages earned with the Hours Calculator feature. It’s a real game-changer!

When I Work: Making Scheduling a Breeze

I’m here to introduce you to some awesome apps that can make your work life a whole lot easier. Let’s dive in, shall we?

When I Work

Imagine having a handy employee scheduling and time clock app right at your fingertips. Well, lucky for you, When I Work is here to save the day! With this app, up to 75 users can easily manage their schedules and track their working hours. And here’s the coolest part – you’ll get a notification when your employees see their schedules! Plus, you can assign daily or weekly tasks to your team members and even fill in any available shifts. It’s like having a personal assistant in your pocket!


If you’re looking for a solution to those confusing scheduling puzzles, Shiftboard is the answer. This app brings together all your employees and managers in one place, making it super easy to create accurate schedules. No more worries about overtime or unexpected no-shows! Shiftboard’s Automate Scheduling Software takes care of aligning shifts to fit your complex rules, automatically assigning shifts, and sending notifications. It’s scheduling made simple!

Get Sling

Have you heard of Get Sling? It’s a cool app that helps with scheduling and communicating. It has four awesome features – shift scheduling, team messaging, a newsfeed, and task arranger. Sounds pretty neat, right?

Let’s Talk About Shifty

Now, let me tell you about Shifty. It’s a part of Get Sling and it makes scheduling staff a breeze. You know how sometimes scheduling can be a real headache? Well, not with Shifty! It has this super easy drag and drop interface that anyone can use. You can manage your staff, assign duties, and create shifts all in one place. It’s like a magic wand for scheduling.

Time for Google Calendar

Let me introduce you to Google Calendar, a super user-friendly scheduling and calendar app that helps businesses like yours stay connected no matter where you are or what time it is. All you need to do to get started is create a Gmail account. Once you’ve got that set up, you can use the Google Calendar app to easily schedule shifts, plan meetings, and share appointments with your team.

Zoom Shift

Now, let me tell you about Zoom Shift. It’s a fantastic app that keeps your employees in the know about their shifts and work-related appointments. This app is so easy to use, you can edit your schedule, update timesheets, and communicate with your staff all from the convenience of your phone.

Schedule Planner

Plan Your Schedule with Snap Schedule

With Snap Schedule, you can manage your work schedule easily online. You can do so much more than just check your shifts! Bid on open shifts, request time off, clock in and out, update your availability, and even trade shifts. It’s all in one convenient location on your computer or phone. Plus, Snap Schedule can handle all kinds of shifts and overtime for as many employees as you need!

Coordinate Appointments with Calendly

Ready to schedule tasks, meetings, and appointments hassle-free? Say hello to the Calendly scheduling app! This amazing tool automatically checks when your employees, contractors, clients, and prospects are available. Want to meet with multiple team members at once? No problem! And if you’re hosting webinars or training sessions, Calendly lets you invite multiple people to the same event. It’s a game changer!

Make Decisions with Doodle

Doodle is a special scheduling app that puts the power in the hands of the participants. When you’re invited to a meeting or appointment, Doodle lets you choose your preferences. Once everyone has voted, you can easily select the best option for your Doodle poll. No more back-and-forths! And the best part? Doodle Calendar shares the final arrangements with all your team members. It’s teamwork made simple!