19 January 2024

10 Amazing Places to Find Beading Supplies for Your Business

By Ronald Smith

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With the right beading supplies, you can create stunning earrings, bracelets, and more for your business. Whether you enjoy making unique pieces or selling in bulk, there are many places where you can discover top-quality beads, charms, wires, and findings at unbeatable prices. In this article, I’ll share 10 fantastic places where you can find exactly what you need to bring your creative ideas to life. Let’s jump right in!


The Beading Market in 2023

The beading market is growing rapidly worldwide and is expected to continue thriving until 2028. Even with changes in the economy, making jewelry remains a popular hobby, and there is a high demand for supplies. The good news is that now there are more options than ever for creating handmade jewelry, thanks to new manufacturers offering competitive prices.

The Best Places to Buy Beading Supplies Online

When you’re looking for beading supplies online, it’s crucial to find a store that you can rely on. Whether you’re searching for materials for a big project or simple findings and hardware, here are the top online places to shop for beads and other supplies:

1. Amazon

If you’re in need of beading supplies, Amazon is the go-to place to find them. They have a wide variety of products, competitive prices, and fast shipping options to ensure you get what you need in no time.

2. Etsy

Etsy is a really popular place online where you can buy all sorts of supplies for making beaded jewelry. It’s a special website because it has a lot of unique things that people make by hand, and also you can find really old, cool stuff too. There’s also a big community of people who sell their own things on Etsy, so it’s a neat place to explore.

Now, let me tell you about a few other places where you can find beading supplies. First, there’s this website called GoodyBeads. They sell all kinds of materials for making jewelry, and the best part is that they’re not too expensive. They’ve been doing this for a really long time, like over 20 years, so they know what they’re doing. And they have really good customer service, so if you have any questions or problems, they’ll help you out.

Next up is a place called Beads Factory. It’s a family-owned business, which is pretty cool. They have a huge selection of top-quality beading supplies both online and in their store. One of the things that makes them special is that they’re a big supplier for a brand called Preciosa and for Crystals too. So, you know you’re getting really good stuff when you buy from them.

Another great option is Beadaholique. They’re a top choice for people who want to buy beads and all kinds of jewelry-making supplies. They have a really fast shipping service, so you won’t have to wait too long to get your order. They also offer free tutorials, which means they’ll teach you how to make different kinds of jewelry. Plus, everything they sell is really high-quality, so you’ll be happy with your purchase.

Lastly, there’s Shipwreck Beads. This place is really interesting because they have a lot of different types of beads to choose from. They have a big online store, and they ship their products all over the world. That means no matter where you live, you can visit their website and order what you need. They also have free tutorials, just like Beadaholique, so you can learn new techniques and create beautiful jewelry.

I’ve got some cool info about the best places to buy beading supplies online. Let’s dive in!

Number 7: Fire Mountain Gems and Beads

First up, we have Fire Mountain Gems and Beads. They’ve been selling beading supplies online since 1973 – that’s a long time! And guess what? They really care about their customers, suppliers, and employees. That’s pretty awesome!

Number 8: Artbeads

Next, we have Artbeads. It’s a family-run business that’s been around for more than 17 years. They have a huge selection of beading supplies, and they even have a big community of beaders. So if you’re looking for a great online spot for beading, Artbeads is the place to be!

Number 9: eBay

Now, who hasn’t heard of eBay? It’s a top source for buying beading supplies online. They have tons of options to choose from, plus their prices are competitive and they ship reliably. No wonder beading enthusiasts love shopping on eBay!

Number 10: Michaels

Last but not least, we have Michaels. They’re a popular choice among beading enthusiasts. With a wide selection of supplies and reliable shipping, they’ve got you covered for all your beading needs.

So there you have it, the top online destinations for buying beading supplies. Happy shopping, and have fun creating beautiful jewelry!

When it comes to buying beading supplies online, Michaels is the place to go. They have a wide variety of items in stock, and they offer weekly sales and curbside pickup for added convenience.

If you’re looking for the best deals on beading supplies, you’ve come to the right place.

What You Need for Beading

To create beautiful beaded jewelry, you’ll need the right supplies. This includes tools, findings, and beads of different sizes. Once you have these essential items, you can explore these 16 craft supply storage ideas to keep everything organized. Here are the important supplies for a beading business:

Seed Beads

I want to talk to you about seed beads. These are little round beads that people often use for different types of crafts like bead weaving, loom work, and embroidery. They’ve been around since the 15th century and originally came from Venice. They’re really popular in traditional indigenous beading projects. But here’s the tricky part – the sizing can be a bit confusing. You see, the number on the bead actually means the opposite of what you might think. A larger number actually indicates a smaller bead. So keep that in mind when you’re working with them!

Let’s move on to bugle beads now.

Bugle beads are a different type of bead altogether. They’re long and cylindrical, and they come in lots of different lengths and finishes. People love these beads because they can create texture and lines in jewelry pieces. But one thing you have to be careful about is their sharp ends. If you’re not careful, they can fray the material you’re using to thread them. So make sure to protect your materials when working with bugle beads.

Now let’s talk about Delica beads.

Delica beads are made by a company called Miyuki in Japan. These beads are cylinder-shaped and they’re really great for detailed bead weaving. One of the reasons people love them so much is because they’re all the same size and shape. That makes it really easy to stack them neatly and use them in patterns that need a lot of precision. So if you’re into bead weaving and you want your projects to look amazing, Delica beads are definitely worth checking out.

Crystal Beads

Let’s talk about crystal beads!

Have you heard of Swarovski or Preciosa? Well, crystal beads are often associated with these famous brands. They’re made from a special type of glass that contains lead. This glass is carefully cut to reflect and refract light, giving the beads a beautiful sparkle and brilliance. That’s why they’re so popular for making elegant jewelry pieces!

Lampwork Beads

Now, let’s dive into the world of lampwork beads!

Unlike crystal beads, lampwork beads are handcrafted. Skilled artists use a torch to melt glass and then shape it into beads. They wind the melted glass around a metal rod, creating beads in all sorts of shapes and designs. Each bead is made with love and care, making them truly special and unique.

Gemstone Beads

Next up, we have the dazzling gemstone beads!

Gemstone beads are made from real gemstones. They can be either faceted, meaning they have flat, polished surfaces, or smooth. The value of these beads depends on the type of gemstone used. Oh, and did you know that gemstone beads often have metaphysical meanings too? It’s true! People believe that different gemstones have different energies and can bring luck or protection. Some popular gemstones for beads include amethyst, turquoise, and jade.

Wooden Beads

Finally, let’s explore the rustic charm of wooden beads!

So here’s the deal: I’ve got some cool beads for you. And these beads come in all sorts of materials, each with its own unique vibe and style. Let’s check them out together!

Wooden Beads

Alright, first up we’ve got wooden beads. These babies are carved from different types of wood and can be painted, stained, or kept natural. They’ve got this bohemian or rustic look that’s perfect for making jewelry or crafts.

Bone and Horn Beads

Now, let’s take a trip back in time with some bone and horn beads. These little guys used to be made from actual animal bones or horns. They’re often carved with cool designs and give off a tribal or ancient vibe. How awesome is that?

Pearl Beads

Alright, now we’re diving into some elegance with pearl beads. You’ve got your natural pearls and cultured pearls, and they both work great as beads. We’ve got freshwater pearls, Akoya pearls, Tahitian pearls, and South Sea pearls – they all bring this beautiful luster that adds a touch of class to any project. Pretty fancy, huh?

Shell Beads

Time to hit the beach with some shell beads! These beauties are made from sea shells and have this natural iridescence that’s just stunning. We’ve got mother of pearl, abalone, and cowrie shells, among others, that you can use to create some seriously cool jewelry or crafts.

Metal Beads

Last but not least, we’ve got metal beads. These bad boys are a great choice if you’re looking for something shiny and durable. They come in all kinds of metals like silver, gold, copper, and more. So go ahead and add some metallic flair to your next project!

When it comes to beads, there’s a plethora of options to choose from. They can be made from different materials, each with its own unique qualities and characteristics.

Metal Beads

Metal beads are crafted from various metals like sterling silver, gold, brass, and pewter. They can come in simple designs or intricate patterns, adding a touch of elegance to any jewelry piece.

Ceramic and Porcelain Beads

If you’re looking for something more artsy and unique, ceramic and porcelain beads might be the right choice for you. These beads are made from clay and then fired. They can be glazed or unglazed, giving them a distinct look that sets them apart.

Acrylic Beads

If you prefer lightweight beads for your jewelry, acrylic beads are a great option. These plastic beads come in various shapes, sizes, and vibrant colors. They are perfect for creating statement pieces without weighing you down.

Czech Glass Beads

For those who appreciate quality and craftsmanship, Czech glass beads are a fantastic choice. Originating from the Czech Republic, these beads are renowned for their exceptional finishes and precise shapes. From faceted fire-polished beads to unique pressed designs, there’s a Czech glass bead for every creative project.

Welcome to the World of Trade Beads!

As I delve into the fascinating realm of trade beads, I am captivated by their rich history and significance. Throughout time, these beads have served as a form of currency, particularly in Africa. They possess a vibrant array of colors and captivating designs, which add to their allure and make them highly sought after by collectors like me.

Discover the Beauty of African Waist Beads

Imagine adorning yourself with African waist beads, a tradition that dates back centuries. These exquisite beads are worn around the waist for various reasons. They can be a symbol of adornment, a way to mark important milestones in life, or even a representation of wealth and prosperity. As I learn about the origins and significance of waist beads, I am drawn deeper into their beauty and cultural significance.

Unleash Your Creativity with Tila Beads

One can’t help but marvel at the ingenuity of Miyuki when it comes to creating beads. Tila beads, another one of their remarkable creations, are flat and square in shape, with not one, but two holes. These unique beads open up a world of possibilities in the art of bead weaving. The intricate patterns that can be achieved with Tila beads are awe-inspiring, and I find myself eager to explore their potential in my own creations.

Experience the Magic of SuperDuo Beads

Prepare to be enchanted by the allure of SuperDuo beads. With their distinctive hourglass or figure-eight shape and two holes, these beads have become a staple in the world of bead weaving. The intricate patterns that can be crafted with SuperDuo beads are truly mesmerizing. As I embark on my own bead weaving journey, I can’t help but be drawn to the charm and versatility that SuperDuo beads offer.

Embark on a Beading Adventure with Beading Needles

As a dedicated bead enthusiast, I know the importance of having the right tools at hand, and beading needles are an essential part of any beading journey. With these needles, I can effortlessly weave and thread my beads, bringing my creative visions to life. The right needle ensures smooth and seamless beading, making each project a joyous endeavor.

When it comes to beading, there are some important tools and materials that can make the process easier and more enjoyable. Let’s take a look at a few of them!

Beading Needles

Beading needles are amazing little tools designed specifically for beading. They are long and thin, making it easy to thread beads onto them. These needles are perfect for detailed work like bead weaving or embroidery. They come in different sizes, with smaller numbers indicating thicker needles.

Beading Thread

When it comes to beadwork, regular sewing thread just won’t cut it. That’s where beading thread comes in! It is specially designed to be stronger and more resistant to fraying than regular thread. There are many brands to choose from, like Nymo, FireLine, and C-Lon. Each brand offers different strengths and thicknesses, so you can find the perfect thread for your project.

Beading Wire

Have you heard of beading wire? It’s like Tiger Tail or Soft Flex. It’s made by weaving several strands of stainless steel wires together and then coating them with nylon. The result is a flexible yet strong wire that’s perfect for stringing heavier beads or making beautiful necklaces and bracelets.

Crimp Beads

I want to tell you about these small beads or tubes called crimp beads. They’re made of metal and when you use crimping pliers to flatten them, they secure the ends of your beading wire. This way, your beads stay in place and the clasps are securely attached.

Bead Caps

Let’s talk about bead caps! They’re decorative elements that you can put on the ends of your beads. When you add bead caps, they enhance the appearance of your beads and give them an elegant finish. This is especially true for larger or focal beads.

Bead Stoppers

Have you ever heard of bead stoppers? They’re these handy little tools that work like springs. When you’re working on a beading project and need to take a break or make adjustments, you can use bead stoppers to hold your beading wire or thread in place. That way, you don’t have to worry about your beads sliding off!

Let’s Talk About Spacer Beads

Now, let me tell you about spacer beads. They may not be as sparkly and decorative as other beads, but they’re really important. Spacer beads are like the anchors of a jewelry design. They’re used to separate and frame the more eye-catching beads, creating a balanced and stylish look.

Exploring Clasps and Closures

Can we talk about clasps and closures for a moment? These nifty mechanisms are what keep your necklaces and bracelets securely fastened. There are all kinds of clasps to choose from, like lobster claw, toggle, magnetic, and hook-eye clasps. Each type has its own unique style and way of working.

Time to Get to Know Headpins and Eyepins

Headpins are like metal wires that have a flat or fancy end. They’re used for making bead dangles or connecting beads together.

Jump Rings and Split Rings

Jump rings are round metal rings with a split that can open and close. Split rings look like tiny key rings. You use both of them to attach different pieces together, like adding a charm to a bracelet.

Tools for Making Jewelry as a Business

To run a successful jewelry-making business, you need the right tools and equipment to create excellent necklaces and other jewelry pieces. Along with the basic tools, here are some extra tools you may want to consider:

Crimping Pliers

When it comes to working with crimp beads, crimping pliers are the way to go. These pliers are specially made with two notches: one to flatten the bead and another to shape it, giving you a neat and tidy finish.

Let’s Talk Bead Mats

Imagine having a soft, velvet-like surface to work on while creating your jewelry. That’s exactly what bead mats provide. They keep your beads from rolling around, giving you a safe and organized workspace. You can even work with the tiniest beads without worrying about them getting away!

Introducing Bead Boards

When it comes to planning out your jewelry designs, especially for necklaces or bracelets, bead boards are a handy tool. These trays have grooves and compartments that help you measure, arrange, and adjust bead placements before you start stringing them together. It’s like having a design planning assistant!

The Wonders of Wire Cutters

Wire cutters are essential for any jewelry-making project. They come in handy when you need to trim or cut wires to the desired length. With wire cutters, you can easily handle the wires and create beautiful jewelry pieces with precision.

I want to tell you about some essential tools used in jewelry making. These tools help me create beautiful pieces of jewelry with precision and professionalism.

Wire Cutters

Wire cutters are like magic wands for me. They help me cut beading wire, headpins, and eyepins with ease. The cuts are so clean and perfect that my jewelry finishes look like they were made by a professional.

Beading Scissors

Beading scissors are tiny but mighty. They are super sharp and perfect for cutting beading thread and other delicate materials. Precision is everything in jewelry making, and these scissors are a must-have tool for achieving it.

Beading Loom

The beading loom is a special tool that lets me weave intricate patterns and designs with beads and thread. It’s like a magical canvas where I can create beautiful works of art.

Bead Reamers

Bead reamers are my secret weapons when dealing with beads that have small holes. These handy tools can enlarge, smooth, or modify the holes in beads, making them perfect for threading or wiring.

Thread Burner

The thread burner is like a superhero gadget for me. It helps me neatly seal the ends of threads, preventing fraying and ensuring that my jewelry stays intact.

Have you ever heard of a thread burner? It’s a nifty little tool that can replace scissors when you’re cutting beading thread. Instead of cutting, it heats up and melts the thread, giving you a clean finish without any frayed ends. It’s pretty cool!

Now, let me introduce you to a knotting tool!

When you’re working with beads or pearls, a knotting tool is your best friend. It helps you create knots between the beads, which gives your jewelry piece a nice drape and keeps the beads from sliding around. It’s like magic!

Oh, and I can’t forget about the bead spinner!

If you’re working on a big or complex piece, a bead spinner is a total lifesaver. It’s a handy device that makes stringing beads onto thread or wire super quick and easy. Say goodbye to tedious and time-consuming threading!

Now, let’s talk about the best materials for beading.

Choosing the right material depends on what you’re making and the look you want to achieve. Glass, gemstones, and metal are all popular choices. They each have different textures and finishes, allowing you to create unique and beautiful jewelry pieces. The possibilities are endless!

What’s the Most Important Tool for Beading?

The most important tool for beading is pliers. They’re incredibly versatile and can be used for a bunch of different tasks. You can use them to bend and shape wire, open and close jump rings, and attach findings to finished jewelry.

Can Beading Businesses Make Money?

Beading businesses have the potential to be profitable. In fact, they’re included in the top 50 handmade business ideas that you can start right from your own home. However, success depends on various factors like market demand, competition, and your pricing strategy.

  • Discover Your Niche:
  • Find unique styles of beadwork or jewelry that cater to a specific audience, which will help your brand stand out.
  • Place emphasis on the quality of materials and craftsmanship to build trust and loyalty with your customers.

To start, I need to make sure I calculate the costs of the materials, labor, and overhead. Then, I can determine a price point that will bring in a profit, while also taking into account what’s happening in the market. This way, I can make sure I’m setting a price that makes sense for my business.

Once I have my prices set, it’s important to establish an online store where I can showcase my work. Platforms like Etsy or Shopify are great options for this. I also want to make sure I’m active on social media, because that’s where a lot of potential customers are hanging out. By maintaining a strong online presence, I can connect with people who might be interested in what I have to offer.

In addition to having an online presence, it’s a good idea to get out into the real world and interact with customers in person. Craft fairs, pop-up shops, and local markets are all great places to do this. It’s a chance to gain exposure and really show off my work. Plus, I’ll have the opportunity to talk with customers and get direct feedback, which can be incredibly valuable.

To keep my skills sharp and stay on top of the latest trends, I should make an effort to attend workshops or take online classes. This way, I can learn new beading techniques and stay informed about what’s happening in the industry. It’s important to always be learning and growing.

Building relationships is another key aspect of running a successful business. By connecting with suppliers, I can negotiate better deals and ensure I have access to high-quality materials. It’s also worth reaching out to other artisans, as they may be interested in collaborating on projects or referring customers my way. Building a network can really help boost my business.

And finally, I should actively seek feedback and reviews. This is how I can continually improve my products and services. If I’m not getting the feedback I need, it’s hard to know what I should be working on. So, I’ll make it a priority to ask for feedback, whether it’s from customers or other artisans.

By following these steps, I can set myself up for success in the beading business. It’s a lot of work, but with the right approach, I know I can make it happen.

I’ve got an important task for you: I want you to rewrite this text in a way that’s unique and engaging, but still keeps the same meaning. The text is about managing inventory and selling beads. It also mentions the importance of having patience and persistence in building a successful beading brand. At the end, there’s a section about finding the best website to buy wholesale bead supplies. Remember to keep the HTML code intact. Here’s the original text:

Keep a meticulous record of your bead inventory and sales to forecast demands and avoid overstocking. Offer a range of products, from affordable pieces for wider audiences to premium items for high-end customers. Remember, patience and persistence are crucial. As with any business, building a reputable and profitable beading brand will take time, but with dedication and the right strategies, success is attainable.

What Is the Best Website to Buy Wholesale Bead Supplies?

There are many websites that offer wholesale bead supplies, but the best one for your business will depend on factors such as product selection, pricing, and shipping options. Our top list above should help you find the right wholesaler. This list of where to find wholesale craft supplies includes even more options.

Can I Find Beading Tools Where I Buy Jewelry Supplies?

Absolutely! Many stores that sell jewelry supplies also carry a wide range of beading tools. So, whether you’re looking for pliers, wire cutters, or beading needles, you can find them easily. Not only can you find these tools in physical stores, but you can also purchase them online from trusted retailers like Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and Joann.

And guess what? If you’re interested in getting even more benefits like discounts and special offers, you can sign up for a Business Prime account from Amazon. It’s quick, easy, and best of all, completely free! So why not create your account today and start enjoying all the fantastic perks it has to offer?