America Welcomes Afghan Refugees: Here’s What’s Next

Afghan refugees are coming to America in record numbers. In fiscal year 2016, the United States admitted more than 22,000 Afghan refugees, the highest number ever. This is in part due to the Trump administration’s new policy of granting refugee status to anyone from any country who is facing religious or political persecution.

America Welcomes Afghan Refugees: Here's What's Next

Many Afghans are coming to America because they are in danger in their home country. Afghanistan is one of the most dangerous countries in the world, and there are constant threats of violence and terrorism. There is also a lot of poverty and unemployment in Afghanistan, and many people are living in poverty without any access to clean water or healthcare.

Despite the dangers, many Afghans are coming to America to start new lives. They are looking for a safe place to live and to find opportunities to improve their lives. Many Afghans are also looking for a chance to reunite with family members who are living in the United States.

America Welcomes Afghan Refugees: Here's What's Next

Despite the challenges, the Afghan community in America is thriving. There are a lot of Afghan businesses and organizations that are helping to support the refugees and to help them to start new lives in America. The Afghan American community is also working hard to create opportunities for refugees to integrate into American society.

Afghan Refugees Coming To America

Afghan refugees coming to America is often a difficult journey. Many have traveled thousands of miles in search of safety and security, leaving behind all they know in the hopes of finding a better life. Afghan refugees have faced a number of challenges as they try to adjust to life in a new country and language. Many of them are fleeing from violence and persecution in their home country, and are in need of help, understanding, and support. The United States has been a leader in welcoming these refugees, offering them access to education and a path toward citizenship. It is important for all of us to recognize the struggles these refugees have gone through, and to help them in their new lives in America.